CPC Marketing

CPC Marketing : CPC stands for cost per click.whenever a visitor or person clicks on the advertisement some amount of money is given to the advertising company by the company displaying it's add.

The slots for the add are auctioned. The one who has higher result wins the auction.
In this two factors are considered :

1. How a person bid for the slot.

2. The quality of the content.( the score is given out of 10.)

Result = Bid * score (out of 10)

Basic Terminology

Reach : It is the number of people that can see the advertisement.

Engagement : If someone click , like ,comment or share the add ,this is known as engagement.

Impression : If a person reads the add , then it is counted as one impression.

Lead : If a person creates a account on the company website or fill some form related to product/service,then it is counted as a lead.

Conversion : If someone buy the product or service through the advertisement ,then it is a conversion.(installing a App is also a conversion.)


Digital marketing: Marketing of a product or service on internet(through google, facebook and various websites) is called digital marketing.

Offline marketing : Marketing of a product or servicethrough newspaper,promotional events and etc.
Through digital marketing large number of audience can be approached in less time .